"The weed is for the people. It’s the people’s weed."- Jonah Hill, as Woody Harrelson


Our Mission

The Marijuana Diversity Scholarship is the result of a month of sobriety and reflection.

As a challenge to my competitive sober January, a friend shipped me a quarter pound of cannabis from California. Though he did not break me in January, February was off to a very high start. 

I quickly realized that a quarter pound was simply too much for one man. I began to feel guilty having so much while others have so little. I was grateful for the weed, yet ashamed of how little I valued it, given that it was so much all for free.

The only way I could continue smoking, without the demons of privilege haunting me, was to pay forward the generous gift I had received. And so, The Marijuana Diversity Scholarship was born.

The weed isn't any special primo type, it's like not even fully clipped just like fresh off my dude's property.** But it's damn good if it's free. Which it was for me, and so it shall be for others. Diverse others.

People from all walks of life smoke marijuana, yet the economics, the drug war, and various other systems of inequality have created a world where I, as a white man, am able to receive a quarter pound of weed for free while the less fortunate are paying up to $60 an eighth (more like 2.7oz) for NYC delivery, or worse, unable to obtain any because their guy is out of town or they just moved and don't have a connect yet.

The diverse demographics of successful and exemplary weed smokers are poorly represented on television and in media. In reality, different races, gender identities, sexual persuasions, and people of various disabilities all smoke weed. Less asians, maybe. But generally, everyone does it. And now, everyone can.

Applicants will be judged based on their merits, as well as their story: how their diversity has impeded their ability to cop quality herb.

For those who say this is not what diverse people want or need, I say you help in your way and I’ll help in mine.*


* Pending certain legalities, you may need to meet me in Jersey in order for me to provide you your scholarship winnings.

**All the weed photos on this site are that weed, so you can see its decent.

Spread The Word

Tell your friends and family about the scholarship. Share it on social media. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself. Although tweeting or posting about it on facebook does not guarantee applicant selection, it does reflect on the applicants enthusiasm for diversity and marijuana, which are certainly qualifying factors when selecting scholarship winners.